Discovery of the Tomb of Jia Bao in Datong

In Datong, Shanxi, in a tomb connected with a person named Jia Bao 贾宝,  archaeologists  for the first time found wooden figurines of warriors and  grave-quelling beasts from the Northern Wei period.  The style of the  grave is largely that of the Jin system 晋制. The tomb (M13) these  figurines came out of was special in shape, in its numerous grave  goods, its clear date, and that it belonged to a named individual.   Within the chamber of this tomb there was a wooden hall 木堂, within  which there was a wooden couch.  Unfortunately, these wooden structures  collapsed and rotted away.  That Jia Bao had a wooden hall rather than a stone one means the budget for his tomb was limited  and he was probably of middle means.  Among the tomb's grave goods was a  stone stele that has the following inscription: “唯大代太和元年 (477 CE)  岁次丁巳十月辛亥朔十日庚申凉州武威郡姑藏县民贾宝铭.”  Jia Bao is not mentioned  in the dynastic histories, however the Wuwei Jia lineage was one of  Liangzhou 凉州 great families.  Forty-three other tombs were found in this  cemetery.

For more on this discovery, see the Shanxi Wan Bao here.

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