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The Early Medieval China Group is the only scholarly association in the Americas and Europe that is solely dedicated to the study of China’s history and culture from 200 CE to 600 CE. With membership comes a subscription to our fine annual journal Early Medieval China


In addition, at the annual Association for Asian Studies conference, our group usually convenes two meetings: a text-reading session and a business meeting. We have also held mini-conferences in lieu of a text-reading session, with multiple paper sessions dedicated to scholarship on the period. 



The Early Medieval China Group also occasionally engages in group projects, the latest of which produced the book Early Medieval Chinese Texts: A Bibliographical Guide, which was published this year by the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. To order a copy please click the image of the volume. 


Membership in the Early Medieval China Group merely costs $30 per year. You can pay using your credit card, PayPal, Chase QuickPay, or by personal check. 



Please also consider submitting articles that you are working on to Early Medieval China. With over 4000 downloads per year, our journal is the go-to source for cutting-edge Western language research on this period. We are interested in fine articles on any aspect of early medieval China.


For the table of contents for all our issues, please click on the image of the journal. 



If you have any questions about manuscript submission, please contact our editor J. Michael Farmer at

Thank you again for considering membership!


Antje Richter, President

Early Medieval China Group