The Early Medieval China Group was formed to promote and further the study and understanding of the Early Medieval period in East Asia.  The group provides a channel of communication between all those interested in early medieval China and facilitates the exchange of ideas and promotion of scholarly cooperation in this field.


Furthermore, the group supports the commission, editing, and printing of publications in the pursuit of our scholarly, educational, and scientific goals.


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Latest News and Updates

Rich 1,500 year old Non-Han burial found in Inner Mongolia

In Inner Mongolia, archaeologists excavated a 1,500 year old cemetery.  One of the unearthed tombs had a coffin with a silk-covered body of a woman.  Also within the tomb was a silver vessel that depicts four Greek gods.  In addition, the deceased was wearing a gold headband, necklace, belt, and finger rings.  The excavating archaeologists believe that the cemetery belonged to a tribal chief of the Gaoche people.  

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Discovery of the Fugan temple ruins in Chengdu

In Chengdu, archaeologists have discovered the remains of the famous Fugan temple 福感寺,which was founded in the Eastern Jin. Among the artifacts found there are more than a thousand tablets with Buddhist sutras inscribed on them, as well as over five hundred pieces of Buddhist stone statues.

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