The Early Medieval China Group was formed to promote and further the study and understanding of the Early Medieval period in East Asia.  The group provides a channel of communication between all those interested in early medieval China and facilitates the exchange of ideas and promotion of scholarly cooperation in this field.


Furthermore, the group supports the commission, editing, and printing of publications in the pursuit of our scholarly, educational, and scientific goals.


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Latest News and Updates

Discovery of large number of Sui and Tang tombs in Xi'an, including a Sogdian woman named Kang Bibi

In Xi'an Jiaolianhu district 郊莲湖区, authorities have unearthed over 1,200 tombs, which date from the Wei-Jin, Sixteen Kingdoms, Northern Dynasties, Sui-Tang, Song-Jin, and Ming-Qing periods.

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Archaeological Discovery: The Northern Wei Tomb of Xue Huaiji in Wanrong Shanxi

In Shanxi's Wanrong County 万荣县, a Northern Wei tomb has been excavated that belonged to the Regional Inspector of Fenzhou, Xue Huaiji 汾州刺史薛怀吉. 

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