Recent Archaeological Discovery: The tomb of Yuan Zhen's second wife, Pei Shu

The tomb of the Tang poet Yuan Zhen's 元稹 (779-831) second wife, Pei Shu 裴淑, has been discovered in Xianyang. It is one of the few late Tang tombs in the area that is medium to large in size. It has murals, pottery figurines, and an entombed inscription. Her tomb was several steps away from Yuan Zhen's tomb because I diviner had determined that, if they were buried together, in would be inauspicious. Interesting, Yuan Baohu 元道护, in creating the tomb for his father discovered he was building it on top of another large tomb. Rather than putting his father's tomb in a new spot, he decided to first burn up the old tomb and risk incurring the displeasure of its inhabitants to put his father's grave in its place.

For more information, see the post on Beichao Kaogu here.

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