Six Dynasties Tombs Database

The Six Dynasties Tombs database is based on data collected by Professor Albert E. Dien as source data for his book Six Dynasties Civilization (Yale University Press, 2007).  The data included herein was gleaned from published reports of 1,739 tombs, dating from the Three Kingdoms period to the Sui dynasty (3rd-early 7th centuries C.E.).  Insofar as the information is reported, the location (by province) and date (by regime) is given, as are the physical dimensions, shape and design of the tomb:  the type of design of the floor, wall and ceiling.  The contents remaining in the tomb at the time of its excavation are also given in full.  The source article for each tomb is included.


In the Basic Search, a single attribute can be searched, yielding a list of all of the tombs with that attribute.  (For example, a search for “glazed jug” will return a list of 28 tombs, each of which contained a glazed jug in among its contents; a search for “glazed” will return a list of 98 tombs, each of which had something glazed among its contents.) 


In an Advanced Search,it is possible to search for tombs that have a combination of attributes.  There you can specify any combination of attributes, chosen from pull-down lists.  Thus, a search combining “Zhejiang” the “Liang (502-557)” period,and “pig” will identify one single tomb.


From the results page, it is possible to read the details of each listed tomb, but it is also possible to display the tombs against a Google Earth map in order to see the geographical distribution of the results, or to export the data to a csv (comma separated values) file so that the information may be transferred to your own spreadsheet.


UPDATE 6/19/2017:

The Six Dynasties Tombs database is currently offline until the data can be moved to the new website. If you have any questions regarding the database, please contact Ken Klein at kklein at