Archaeological Discovery: the Han and Six Dynasties Dutou old city site in Linwu, Hunan

In Hunan's Linwu County 臨武, archaeologists have excavated the Dutou old city 渡頭古城 site, which was the county seat for Linwu County during the Han and Six Dynasties.  They have unearthed the site of the city's government office, a residential area, a handicrafts area, and cemeteries.

Old wells at the government office location have yielded over 10,000 bamboo and wooden slips.  Some of the slips carry the dates of 227, 231, and 232.  The written materials include documents related to taxes, smelting, tuntian 屯田, as well as household registers.


A video of the discovery is viewable on the QQ channel of the Hunan Daily News here.

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