Discovery of a Northern Wei "Embracing Burial" in Shanxi

In Datong, Shanxi, archaeologists uncovered a Northern Wei grave that contained a joint burial within a single coffin.  What is distinctive about this  burial is that the man and woman have been arranged in a loving embrace.   Although other examples of this kind of burial have been found in  Northern Wei tombs, this is the best preserved  example of embracing skeletons.  The male is facing left, his right  hand is on the woman's waist. She is facing right, her head pillowed on  the male skeleton's shoulder. Her left hand is placed on his chest. Her ring finger on her left hand has a plain, silver-colored ring.  The right shoulder of the male skeleton had been infected and fractured and had not healed at the time of death.

For more information see the Kaogu Zhongguo article here.

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